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Conflicted in these chains with the impetus of age

It has been a bit again.

   I felt goodwhen i was out there.
I may not want to see it all. Should i be so surprised? How can I be unlike everyone else if i refuse to see I am susceptible to the same misunderstandings? I look at the things I consider to be opportunities while i Ignore the obvious paths. thats right, I feel like I am ignoring multiple paths which could bring me so many more new experiences and options.
I am made of the same things.
Perception does does not remove the threat.
I will always have a million things that want me to stay. A million vines wrapping through the fingers.
Digging in a sandbox looking for undiscovered worlds.
I need to  be less fearful.

how far could you stray
longer in the mind than the genetics.
What a fool I can be.
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