Contradictator (contradictator) wrote,

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one hand Savors the other.

one hand always knows the fate, the other wonders, staring blindly.
the grass...
we know...
and looking back?

but now we are...
over here,
and the grass...

we know.

The long Rope Tugged Again.

and the feet kicking the spinning world into its next rotation.
but like every one before, we know already where it could lead.
and hope for something different.
same sun cracks, same awe, same wonder, same burning of the eyes and flesh.
it mightbe different this time.
no it wont be. 
And then you you remember. its not for hoping or expecting, its for savoring and relishing, the grass is always greener, but to wish on something else than could be is to miss the bloody dripping taste of what actually is.

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